My daughter recently took part in a poetry workshop at school.  Once it was over, her assignment for class was to write a poem and then deliver it in a spoken word performance to her class.

She was extremely self-conscious about sharing with others in her school about her experience with anxiety, but I told her that she was likely helping others by sharing about what she has dealt with.

I asked her if I could share it here.  

This is my daughter’s story.






You’re ok.

You’re ok. 

No one noticed your scream inside.

No one noticed your heart pounding,

Head racing

Hands shaking

Breath barely escaping!

You’re ok.

You’re ok.

Even though you have a test tomorrow,

And your mom is sick,

And you can’t help but let the thoughts flick-er through your mind!

It’s unfair! It’s disastrous its just- its just-




Just breathe



Feel your forehead, sweat perspiring.

I wish I could be like those who are inspiring


But no.

I am me, with my shaky hands!

My too fast heart!

And my head like sand running through a timer,

Constantly burning like a fire. 


Just Breathe.

You got this,

Just keep it together until you get home!

Where your dad can hug you and tell you, you’re not alone.

Walk down the hallway binders in hand.

You move your hands to adjust your headband-


It’s him!

The one that you like,

Coming up to you with that sweetest smile

Here comes that feeling of denial

He’s to cool for you 

You can’t talk to- Hey!

He says right to your face

Your cheeks go red 

And you hesitate 

As you walk away, messing things up 

OH! Why am I such a nut!

There it is again that feeling of disgust-ed with yourself 

Why are you here when you should be studying!

But you can’t with thoughts of him, and your mom

Your mom!


There it is again!

Heart pounding

Head racing 

Hands shaking

Breath barely escaping

My chest is collapsing

My balance is breaking

My anxiety is over taking!

Just breathe!


Just breathe.

I ‘ll try.

Just breathe. 

I can.



I’m Breathing,

I’m Breathing.

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